In between the lines

Better than something: changing the look of this blog

Detail of how the sidebar of this blog changed

“I’d rather be half-assed at a hundred things than a virtuoso at one.” Jimmy Lee Lindsay, aka Jay Reatard It is probably no coincidence that the documentary Better than something DVD is right ...

Uploading files from a .NET 5 application to a Windows machine using Powershell Remote

Copy DNS server name to clipboard

I was faced the other day with the task of running some Powershell scripts on a remote Windows machine from a .NET 5 application. I decided to use Powershell remoting to run the commands on the tar...

Setting up a domain name for an Azure Static Web App with Google domains

Copy DNS server name to clipboard

So I have an empty blog right now, which also has a not so fancy domain name. Well, let’s blog about how to fix it. Great, this blog is bootstrapping itself! Wait, now you know I host this blog on ...