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Hi there! My name is Manuel Javier and I’m a software developer, snipe crew/skipper, bird aficionado.


I’m a software developer who is always willing to learn something new. I enjoy team work a lot. Arguing with others in an amicable way is a great way to learn.

Mostly on the backend of things, I like having challenges and new things to do every day.

Developing out of work

I did not use to be the kind of person that codes as a hobbie, so there was not much outside of work. But that is changing now as of 2022, starting with this blog. I don’t want it to be successful, I just want it to be. Moving on, there are a couple of things to do that I would like to cross down from my list of things to do and keep doing:

  • Further improve the style of my blog
  • Blog at least every couple of months
  • Improve my numerai models
  • Have more fun with Kaggle
  • Improve the SEO of the blog
  • Collaborate with open source projects

There is a crazy world out there

I sail a Snipe dinghy from time to time. I like reading and hikking. I am a lot into plants, they are my favourite way to decorate a home because they are alive. They change, they adapt, they grow. They also die sometimes and you have to replace them with others. They also need your care, which again means you have to learn how to take care of them. By now I hope you know that I like learning things and doing things.

I like birdwatching a lot. Again, it is a diverse world with lots of things to learn and enjoy. Shapes, colours, sizes, behaviours, the way they fly, the way they sing… And it is a little bit like playing Pokemon when you spot an uncommon bird.

Having said that, this is my list of goals for this year:

  • Whatch a bird that I have not seen before
  • Enjoy sailing and coming last on every race
  • Do exercise on a regular basis
  • Go hiking at least 5 times
  • Enjoy a foreign country/city

Archive of objectives


  • Set up an ok looking blog, with bio and at least one real post
  • Blog at least every couple of months
  • Have fun with numerai (yeah, I’m into that lately)
  • Have fun with Kaggle (I sunk with the Titanic couple of years ago)
  • Collaborate with open source projects
  • Customize my blog theme
  • Have a better bio here