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Long time no see

Wow! Two months now since I last posted here. Let’s face it, building a new blog is much more fun than just keep posting. Plus, it is hard for me to find something to post about. I have a couple of ideas, but…

Anyway, let’s bump this with a random post. What’s been going on? New year, new OS. I just installed Windows 11 a couple of days ago, and I like it. Now it feels a little bit more like a Mac OS. I haven’t had any issue, my favourite apps keep running like they did before, and so do the games and everything else. You can easily install desktop clients for social networks like Instagram or Reddit easily.

I was starting to get nervous, because I could not see the upgrade button until recently. Even though my current setup is quite new -except for my keyboard, mouse and speakers, which are probably on their mid teens-, I was worried that there could be something that did not allow me to upgrade. My guess is that they roll out the upgrades progressively depending on your hardware, using a small percentage of people with the same hardware as canaries. So I should probably be glad to someone else with my same CPU, M2 drive or whatever suffered crashes while I was playing Fallout 4.

Apart from data, I have been playing with Numerai. Ideas pile up, none of them probably usefull, but fun nonetheless. I need to automatize the upload of predictions. I tried with Azure functions. I have managed to upload many of my models using just one GB of RAM. It was a pain and it is not probably the way it should be done, I must look into containers and blog about it :D. Creating my own stake weighted meta model, developing my own ways to select features….

What else? My camelia is not fully blooming. Lack of light? Or maybe it is just ok. I don’t know. Many nodes have not bloom, but it looks good otherwise.

Last friday I suffered the breaking changes of Npgsql for Entity Framework Core 6 regarding DateTime values. Don’t get me wrong, I am happy with this change, since it seems to encourage best practices. Plus there is a lot of documentation and ways to make your app behave like before. I dug a little bit an my mind was blown away by how much about the limitations of UTC everywhere I was unaware of. Good news is that I also became aware that and admired person like Shay Rojansky only blogs every couple of months. I only wished my posts were as insightfull as his.

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