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Another gold moment at KEXP, this time with Julia Jacklin

KEXP recently published on their youtube channel a live performance of Julia Jacklin and her band. I could not help it but have my expectations very high, since the first performance of Julia on KEXP had been incredible in my opinion. They played Pressure to party for their last song and it was full of energy. This time around it was different, the pace was nice and slow all along.

Anyway, I have played this last Julia Jacklin performance like 5 or 6 times in less than 3 days. I love it, it is very charming. I also love how KEXP sets up these performances, they really make music and musicians matter. The way they set up the cameras and the band makes the viewer feel surrounded by music, and each member of the band gets their share of screen time, so you can see how they play and sing. You also don’t know how the whole thing is set up, you don’t know the position of band members or the host. The black background with all those bulbs that change color also make for a unique environment that feels dreamy in a way, out of this world. I think all of these break so many standards, archetypes and schemes, and make KEXP shows amazingly unique. They portray the music and the bands like no one else does.

Then they bring artists like Julia Jacklin and it is the icing on the cake. Pure gold. Not only the songs, but also the interview. I encourage you to go ahead and check the whole video, songs and interview, and enjoy Julia’s answers. If you want to have good relationships in your life, it’s gonna be just continuous work until you die, Julia Jacklin. Superb.

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